Apocalypse Cowboy, a blend of Blazing Saddles and A Million Ways to die in the West and the winner of the 2020 Lone Pine Film Festival that never happened is an irreverent comedy from the Dirty Brown Bros (Aaron and Jason) who once held an Emmy and the infamous Chris Langley who well is Chris Langley.

Welcome to Mokeville. A quiet little place that was once a bustling mining town which has found new fortunes and opportunities in cattle.

Fiddelman, an evil cattle baron and owner of the local newspaper, together with his Mad Scientist Ivanoski, have set forth a diabolical plot. They have created a virus to infect the towns unsuspecting ranchers, in hopes of stealing their fertile lands.

Our local hero, CJ Packard and his Sidekick Holstein, will have to do everything they can to thwart the evil Fiddelman.

Along for the ride is Packard’s crush, the young voluptuous Molly Malone, as well as the owner of the saloon and the preacher of the first church Pilgarlic, PP Whiplash.

Chaos, lockdowns and stimulus checks ensue when the virus crosses over from the cows to Cow Tipper, a local rancher, but we are not going to tell you how just yet. You will have to watch the movie we haven’t made yet. So, come along for a good ol’fashion western of a time in this yet to be filmed, cinema experience of yesteryear.

Casting Call

Laughing Parrots Productions is currently in the process of looking for Actors and Extras to star in their first feature length film, Apocalypse Cowboy, written by: Chris Langley, Jason Brown, Ethan Brown and Aaron Brown.